FUGO architects is a multidisciplinary platform that specialized mostly in the field of architecture. We develop projects from early sketches to production and on-site supervision.

We are very enthusiastic to find novel and fresh solutions for our clients. We don't use any prearranged schemes or formalistic solutions. Every client and his project is unique so is our architecture. We know every client is different, there are not two identical sites and houses have different purposes. Every project is a challange to implement all the input information, programme and demands to compose interesting and unique space perfectlly suitable for it's main purpose.

We are not architects who hide themselfs behind an unsubstantial shapes and big egos. A final form of a good house reflects logical composition of its parts, geographical and topographical conditions of a site and definetely its purpose and sence.

We cooperate on projects in the Czech Republic and abroad too.



Links to the cooperating companies to be find below.